New Mexico 4-H STEM Trunks

New Mexico 4-H STEM Trunks are available for check out by NM 4-H agents and volunteers. Each trunk contains equipment, lesson plans, and lab exercises for hands on learning opportunities.

Microscope Cellular Biology Trunk (#1)

The microscope trunk contains three lessons and a power point on how to use a microscope to look at cells. Curriculum is available below:

Solar Car Kit Trunk (#2)

Coming Soon!

Energy Power Points

Science Activities

  • How To Make A Parachute
    Students will learn about air resistance, terminal velocity, and gravity while making and testing a parachute.
  • Making Slime
    Students will have an understanding that not all things can easily be categorized as solid, liquid, or gas.
  • The Case of the Missing Donut
    Students will learn about chromatography in the use of forensic science and use paper chromatography to solve a crime.