NOTE: The Extension and Research Youth Agricultural Science Center was formerly know as the Memorial Middle School Agricultural Science Center.

The Extension and Research Youth Agricultural Science Center is located in Las Vegas, New Mexico on the Memorial Middle School campus. The campus occupies 34.4 acres of former agricultural land in the Gallinas river valley, with approximately two acres dedicated to the MMSAEEC. The center was founded in 2005 through a special legislative appropriation and is administered through the NMSU's College of Agriculture and Home Economics. The center is engaged in earth, life and physical science teaching and learning with students and faculty at the middle school. The center is an innovative model that addresses the need for enhanced science learning opportunities in New Mexico public education and addresses an unmet need for Hispanic students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) who are underrepresented in these career fields. STEM-based education is delivered through teaching the principles and applications of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, natural resource conservation systems, inquiry-based science projects, and other STEM-based topics. Center facilities include: an 1800 sq. ft. teaching greenhouse, field plots, science lab, food production systems, and the production of renewable energy using a wind turbine and solar array to power the greenhouse.

Image of Youth Agricultural Science Center